Homo kisses are all the rage

First up: Miley Cyrus is kissing girls. Again. Or not at all, depending upon what you think you saw when she performed on “Britain’s Got Talent.” Cyrus, 17 and a child star who has worked on the Disney Channel for many years as Hannah Montana, is in the spotlight for kissing a fellow dancer while performing live on the show.

Her latest song, titled “Can’t Be Tamed,” is apropos for little Miss Disney ears and her new look, which includes fishnet stockings and don’t-cha-wanna-do-me spiked boots. I’m sure this is going over swell with her fan base, the 11-
16 year olds who are already putting her latest fashion on their Back to School list for Mommy to purchase, as this new generation continues to look more like Red Light District professionals than fans of the Mickey Mouse Club.

But hey! She denies the kiss and said she was just “rocking out with another female band member.” Wow. What’s considered rocking out these days would have been grounds for burning at the stake not long ago. Note to Joan of Arc. Then there was the Dustin Hoffman and Jason Bateman kiss on the Jumbotron at the Lakers game in L.A. Apparently the “Kiss Cam” focused in on them and, with their wives sitting right next to them, they locked lips for the whole arena to enjoy. Who knows? Maybe the wives were onboard for some healthy homo-husband voyeurism.

So is it vogue to be gay-lite now? So it seems. The country hasn’t fallen apart, and God hasn’t sent out the locusts, although there are more gnats in my back yard. Straight people are seemingly more and more into gay-like posturing. Nowhere else is this more noticeable than in the Czech Republic, where straight men having gay sex is the hottest thing … for cash. According to GlobalPost.com, straight men are perceived as being more masculine, which is what sells in the porn industry, and in Prague, thin, cute guys help the “Twinkville” image of what is appealing to American consumers of gay porn. Of course they insist they’re straight. I mean, it worked for Senator Larry Craig and Reverend Ted Haggart. Getting a boner for another guy is … all in a day’s work, right? The men say they need the money and the economy’s suffering.

The gay porn industry is thriving, especially when they pay these gents a sixth of what they’d make in the States. The guys like having the cash to impress or take care of their girlfriends so they continue to show up for filming. I mean, do they say:” Hey honey, I’m just gonna go get something to eat and a lube job and I’ll be home soon?”

What’s interesting about what’s happening in Prague is that the country has very relaxed attitudes about homosexuality. It isn’t an issue for these men to have sex with other men because they really see themselves as straight and feel why not get paid to do what they do at home for free (masturbate)? This gives new meaning to: “Groan … I gotta get UP for work.”

Naturally, they get paid more for boy-on-boy sex and it doesn’t take long for them to get addicted to the money…or is that just what they tell themselves after a hard day at work?

As we go to press, Sandra Bullock is in the news after happily sucking face with Scarlett Johansson at the MTV Movie Awards. This is exactly what the Christian Right rants about: it could be catchy! Taste of the forbidden fruit or the real reason for her break-up with husband Jesse James? Lesbians everywhere are standing by.

Perhaps this is just the way things are with every generation…there are these periods where everyone is getting their hair cut a certain way (Dorothy Hamel anyone?) or similar tattoos (Butterflies and purple roses? Tweety Bird or the Tasmanian Devil?), piercing locations and now maybe, it’s the year of the gay kiss. Everyone should try it at least once, like caviar or snails. Katy Perry may be the Nostradamus of today.

But there may be something else at play here as well. Celebrities that scream out “Pay attention to me!” are not perhaps, really gay-lite, but playing so for the media spotlight. A career boost or whatever it takes to sell albums or movies may be why we see an increasing number of folks jumping on this ‘chew-chew’ train.

Being gay for pay isn’t just limited to the porn industry, although with 17-year old Cyrus’ new look, there could be debate about that. Some things should be tamed before they see the light of day.