Vintage Suzan

What did I  do before I was a Comedian? 
“Past lives, I had a few, but then again, too few to mention…”

Except for when was a Talk Radio Host & DJ …(2003-2009).

And that gig writing the column “The Controversial Couch ” for The Rainbow Times…(2006-2009).

The Controversial Couch 

Lie back and listen. Then get up and do something

By Suzan Ambrose

The P-Word. I know what you’re thinking; so many different images come to mind, yes? But for today, the P-Word stands for preference.

Now, I don’t pass judgment on straights -or gays- for their sexual preferences. Because whether you love the same-sex or the opposite one, no matter how you dice it, it’s a preference.

It’s what gets you going under the covers (…or perhaps over them!)

But what about bisexuals? The less-talked about letter of the LGBT acronym, bisexuals seem to float in some middle category: sometimes they’re bi, maybe all-the-time-sometimes, or maybe just once you kissed a girl, even liked her cherry chap stick, but it was back to men for the long-haul. (Not the UHaul, ladies!).

Bisexuals are certainly misunderstood by the gay community, perhaps more so than by straights, where it’s accepted as chic frequently today. Many gays and lesbians think bi’s are misguided, playing games, confused, bored, or lonely. Which makes them different how from the straight-up gay and lesbian purists?

But I digress.

Homo kisses are all the rage.

First up: Miley Cyrus is kissing girls. Again. Or not at all, depending upon what you think you saw when she performed on “Britain’s Got Talent.” Cyrus, 17 and a child star who has worked on the Disney Channel for many years as Hannah Montana, is in the spotlight for kissing a fellow dancer while performing live on the show.

Her latest song, titled “Can’t Be Tamed,” is apropos for little Miss Disney ears and her new look, which includes fishnet stockings and don’t-cha-wanna-do-me spiked boots. I’m sure this is going over swell with her fan base, the 11-16 year olds who are already putting her latest fashion on their Back to School list for Mommy to purchase, as this new generation continues to look more like Red Light District professionals than fans of the Mickey Mouse Club.

But hey! She denies the kiss and said she was just “rocking out with another female band member.” Wow. What’s considered rocking out these days would have been grounds for burning at the stake not long ago. Note to Joan of Arc.

Then there was the Dustin Hoffman and Jason Bateman kiss on the Jumbotron at the Lakers game in L.A. Apparently the “Kiss Cam” focused in on them and, with their wives sitting right next to them, they locked lips for the whole arena to enjoy. Who knows? Maybe the wives were onboard for some healthy homo-husband voyeurism.